Dean Koontz Books

After almost 35 years of learning how to be a Social Hero, Captain Biorhythm, my right brain secret Hero, benefited greatly from reading fictional stories about Heroes and Heroines who battled and overcame evil villains. Dean Koontz is an author who creates awesomely entertaining, page turning stories that cause you to lose sleep. You cannot put the book down because the Heroes are often in so many hopeless situations and you are desperate to discover what happens next.

Will they survive?

You just have to know before you go to sleep.

The major reason I love the books by Dean Koontz is that the Heroes, Heroines and Villains are unambiguous. They are clearly defined. Good and bad is black and white. There is no confusion of who is a Hero, Heroine or Villain. They inspire your inner Hero or Heroine to make a positive difference in your family, church, team, business, community, town, city, state, nation and the world.

Below is a list of every awesome fictional story I have benefited reading. My great lament is that Dean Koontz cannot create new books any faster.

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